Ethical Issues: Affirmative Action

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Ethical Issues: Affirmative Action Study Affirmative action policies give preference to historically underprivileged minorities during hiring and university admissions. Although affirmative action is closely associated with minorities they also affect women and people with disabilities. Many argue whether these policies are ethical or unethical. Its mere existence is admission to the fact that some races are still not equal and these policies are a necessary evil. Some believe that Affirmative Action causes more harm than good by placing importance on peoples race rather then their actual ability. Affirmative action is necessary to rectify the past wrong doings done upon the underprivileged and is reasonable and ethical despite some people’s …show more content…
Affirmative action being necessary is not the only argument for its ethical validity. Affirmative action brings diversity and equality to minorities and women. Affirmative action policies help create a more diverse work department “diversity is an important goal for police organizations. Because a racially diverse police force indicates a commitment to social justice, diversity in policing fosters perceptions of legitimacy”( cite examining). Diversity is necessary for the strengthening of police departments and helps the department reflect the community they serve, mirroring the community they serve leads to better policing the community “ greater diversity in policing increases cultural participation in the policing process and helps develop representative bureaucracy. Public agencies mirroring the society they serve is an often cited organizational goal”(cite examine). Giving more underprivileged people increased opportunities for hire relays a better future for the next generation of Minority and women professionals, they will be able to achieve more that what the previous generation did to the point of full equality. There is evidence to support the notion that affirmative action is successful at getting more minority and women jobs in the workforce even in policing “ There are more females on the force across the U.S. In 2013, approximately 58,000 females worked as local police officers, whereas only 27,000 did so in 1987” ( cite newsweek). Affirmative action is a necessary evil until society views all people as equal it will be