Ethical Issues Faced By Canadian Companies

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This paper reports the findings of an inclusive study on ethics and ethical dilemmas faced by the Canadian companies. The detailed study of the company that have had ethical dilemma can be seen later in this paper. It was found that there are many persistent questions about the issues of ethical dilemma and its value in Canada’s Corporations. Later in this paper certain suggestions are given to define one particular Scenario in detail as a CEO of the company.

Questions that will be later answered in this paper will be:

1) What does a science of organizations consist of?
2) What are the potential ethical issues faced by Canadian Companies?
3) What can be the Most Effective Approaches that can applied in the framework of the organization?
4) What direction should the field take?
5) What role does the CEO of the company should play in order to avoid such ethical dilemmas in future?

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In the year 1995 Clarkson stated that, it is the matter of deliberate importance, when the ethical choice in the organization comes out to be endurance issue. The ethics Programs and its management may become the issue of survivals for the Cooperation1.The corporations like Enron and Arthur Andersen could have prevent mishap in their organizations, if they had made ethical decisions. Although these mishaps were examples for the other organizations, that the ethics and its importance is much more accountable than it seems to be. Almost most of the exposed cases were found to be that of United States. But on the same hand Canadian companies are not invulnerable to this public ethical dilemma issues as well. They also experiences situations that resulted in the mishaps like the American Companies. Let’s take an example of Bre-X Company, they misleadingly announced to have found World’s largest Gold deposit in Indonesia.
The key points of the ethical dilemma of the Canadian companies are
- overlooking the responsibility to be sincere with its customers
- Disappointment towards offering a contented working environment
- Failure to sticking to ethical codes mainly when facing with struggle
Canadian companies must choose whether to stick to regular ethical values or to regulate to the restricted rules.

Corporate activities involved the large part of the ethics prom in their doings. All organizations have certain ethical policies but most of them don’t know how to deal with the ethical dilemmas that come to their way .Brenner defines these ethics as the corporate values and actions which may result the modesty of ethical behavior2. Therefore, identifying what evaluates the ethical behavior could be much difficult. The clear and apparent mechanisms are helpful in linking the organizational behavior .Among the obvious components are the ethical codes of dealing which will be discussed later.
The complete mechanism of ethics in corporate includes certain, trainings, policies, lectures, visits, audit, Corporate culture, motivation systems, cherished behaviors, promotion, performance evaluation systems and executive behaviors3.

Model of Corporate Ethics Programs in Business Ethics by Stajkovic & Luthans, 1997

As it can be clearly seen from the above Figure as proposed by Stajkovic and Luthans those standards of ethics are identified with a mutual and inter connected interaction between the three factors namely, personal, institutional and organizational, all these are under the contemporary values.
Organizational factors consist of several ethical codes and corporate programs. While the institutional factors consists of only charters in order to prevent from hypocrites. Organizational factors are mainly in concern with the investigation of several aspects of ethics programs in corporations.

In the year 1999-2000 Canadian Business ethics