Ethical Issues In American Beauty

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American Beauty
The 1999 movie, American Beauty, is a 5-time academy award winner with a gross domestic earning of about $130 million (Karlyn 89). The movie mentioned above gives a clear picture of an ideal American family as far as the societal norms and morals are concerned. For instance, American Beauty explores the typical behaviors that pose negative impacts on the American morals including the yearning for power, beauty, youths, and respect. In particular, the movie highlights how Lester, his wife Carolyn, and daughter Jane, among other characters, get involved in immoral behaviors. It depicts a life full of lies and sadness in an attempt to find happiness as well. According to the movie, dysfunctional families are characterized by misbehaviors such as adultery, abuse, dishonesty, and divorce among others. American Beauty paints a clear picture of the consequences of the
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For instance, the movie marked the first time created an official website, a special section that was devoted to featuring films. Besides, the movie has a high quality cinematography and visual style. The move facilitated an improvement in the publicity of film creation as it included photo galleries, crew and cast filmographies, and interviews with the characters. On the other hand, American Beauty had positive contributions to a society that was gradually accepting and appreciating individual differences.
In summary, the movie reflected and influenced the society in different ways. The manner in which the movie depicts the value of morals in the society is crucial in the society. One is keen to observe the consequences of going against the morals, for example in the case dysfunctional families. Notably, American Beauty had a significant influence on the society, which began to change their views in certain things or practices such as homosexuality and sexual orientation. Works