Ethical Issues In Family Guy

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One show that I feel like gets away with anything, is Family Guy. Family Guy gets away with talking about all types of issues, from all sides, no matter who it is or where they’re from. It gets to a point where all you can do is just laugh at the absurdity of it all. The show takes it upon themselves to talk about issues that most people wouldn't even dare to touch upon. In times of strife, Family Guy takes these issues and gives people a light-hearted feel. As one might say, ‘if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at.’ The show also sheds light on both sides of an issue. It kind of forces people to look at both sides of an issue and in a point of view that is so ridiculous that sometimes you reflect on what you already know. Family Guy is ethical in regards that not one person can say that Family Guy is biased towards this or that, because they touch upon everything. It gets to a point where there …show more content…
It can be said that Family Guy takes their jokes way too far. For example, Family Guy has been subject too many controversies. Sometimes the show takes issues to the extreme; to the point where the content becomes disturbing to even watch at times. Issues like child abuse, bullying, and sexual harassment seems to be taken lightly in a show like this. Some scenes are too graphic for people who are not used to watching scenes of that caliber to digest. There is no set ethical line that the creators of the show created. Therefore, it becomes a debate whether the line has been crossed. Sometimes I find myself cringing at certain scenes where an issue hits too close to home for me. For example, I felt the issue that involved the Holocaust or slavery should not be touched with humor. The show sometimes gives justification to its audience to behave a certain way. Considering that Family Guy is such a renowned show, especially for kids and teens, the overall message should be presented