Ethical Issues In Health Care

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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. For the medical health care provider it is a legal and ethical concern. Abortion is a serious problem for the health care worker and it is a difficult task and distressful for them. Abortion have different opinion according to approving or disapproving the termination of foetus related to the individual condition( O'Malley, 2013) I choose this topic because it is a sensitive issue and it is challenging the nurses and some consider it as a crime. This paper will describe in more specific details with different evidence related to legal and ethical aspect of abortion, reason that lead women to decide about this action and how impact the nurses in hospital. In addition
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They believe abortion can’t be acceptable because it is considered as killing. This argument has many reasons. First, the child is a gift from God no body have right to destroy them. They are defenceless baby and they need special protection because they can’t stand for their own right. Also the abortion is against the promise of nurses and doctors to save the lives. The child have right to protect himself before and after birth. At last, unwanted children they can be adopted from childless couples (Strong, …show more content…
Human being is allowed to live a normal life like other human being in the world because the death is harm and being killed is harming as well (Strong, 2008). Abortion has legal and ethical problems that have raised worries in the health care. Also by using the ethics to control this condition moral decision making. Nurses always have to struggle the conflict between their professional duty and their personal beliefs (McLemore, & Levi, 2011).There are some reason that are supporting woman over the difficult decision related to termination of pregnancy. Health care should improve professional practice related to abortion (Amado, Calderon Garcia, Cristancho, Salas, & Hauzeur, 2010). In abortion, pro-life the woman has ability to abort baby but it is considered murder and on other hand, pro-choice the woman who carrying the foetus have right to decide whether to abort or carry. Nurses also have to provide the psychologically and physically safe abortion services that are important to health and well-being of woman (Haney, 2011).All ethics principles should provide such as confidentiality, beneficence and autonomy(O’Malley,