Ethical Issues In Nursing

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first of all, the nurse manager's should be aware of the personal issues that could be happened to the nurse, because is the only way to know if the nurse have a real problem. If this is the case, the nurse manager's must develop a plan of action in order to help solving the problem. Otherwise the nurse manager's must notify the nurse in oral for the first incident, written paper the next time along with a detailed written explanation about the posibility of termination the next time that it happen. The person responsible for the decision-making in this scenario is the nurse manager's and some member of human resources department should be involved in the case supporting the manager. good point. good thing they can have warnings. think that the best approach of the nurse manager to let the nurse know that she will have a meeting at the end of the shift with her, to disccus some company papers. the manager is responsible for the decision making. she, with her profesionalism and expertise should find the way of knowing the real problem that the nurse might be facing. she needs to investigate what are the factors of these employment issue,the manager in a positive way of support and help should get to the bottom of the problem ,looking for a proper way of solving the problems. which it will eventualy bring better results for the nurse and the unit aswell.
In this process some members of teamwork will be included for instance: the staff nurse,s the chief nurse,the doctor,the CNA, the whole unit will be member of the teamwork. really really liked the way you developed your answer, it was really concise and understandable. I agree with your plan of action.
Have very good views but I'm disagree