Ethical Issues In Social Media

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When it comes to the concept of social media people usually get a notion that only good things circulate on a rapid scale and bad things never get light. But when it comes to the original world things change completely and one has to face the repercussion for the smallest pitfall created. There are certain protocols which are ought to be followed before going social on a great platform.
There are some real life instances where the very fact that social media can create huge troubles has turned out to be very true. In the last few weeks there came up news about the Bill Cosby Meme Disaster and also about the reemergence of rape allegations against the famous comic. Though there exists a platform for posting everything legendary and great but a negative post can be retweeted thousands of times without any further research and this is what happens in real world. Reputation management goes out of control and definitely the pride of any organization comes at stake. Every social media post has a certain level of impact and one has to note that there are certain social media errors which can prove fatal for the entire brand. Given below
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On the other hand if one mails better ideas then it can have a completely different impact. As a restaurant owner one can mail about recipe tips for the meals. If you are an athletic brand then focus on areas of improving the health rather than just promoting your products. At times it’s better to promote the other way round rather than just praising the product and that too on a very large scale. On the other hand a well-planned campaign may turn out to be horrible too. Many things have to be taken care of when it comes to the concept of promotional mails. Being Spammy is the thing which is ubiquitous and many brands despite of knowing this fact do the same and that too on a very large