Ethical Lens Inventory Results Essay

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Ethical Lens Inventory Results
Odessa Whitehouse
March 15, 2013
Kendra Justice

My Ethical Lens Inventory tells me that my preferred lenses are the results and reputation lenses because I tend to listen to my intuition to determine the greatest good for each individual and which character traits and virtues will best serve my community. I value autonomy and equality equally while seeking interdependence with a moderate value sensibility, following my heart to make prudent choices, using rationality and reasoning to find the rules of life.
In practical matters I use wisdom and foresight as I act with enlightened self-interest, managing to avoid rash actions while staying optimistic, imaginative, and courageous in the face of obstacles. Tending to assume that everyone operates from a clear sense of their own values and positive character traits required by their role, I define ethical behavior as creating the greatest good by living out role responsibilities such as making responsible choices that benefit many different individuals at the same time. People who demonstrate strong leadership and encourage others to do the same exemplify ethical behavior in my eyes.
The tools I use to analyze problems are experience and tradition. I see current situations in the light of experience and use a combination of intuition and imagination to incorporate new information and solve problems. I focus on what is going on in a situation, considering options that both reflect excellence in my role and make people happy. I consider multiple perspectives and am comfortable with ambiguity. I am self-reliant and accountable, not afraid to pursue my delights and freedom for all in my community. I am able to put myself in the shoes of others and tell their story.
Ensuring that all have free will lessens the risk of reducing decisions to a narrow and purely financial cost-benefit analysis. Should my compassion fail I may believe that I am entitled to perks or privileges because of my role. If I fail to exercise free will responsibly, my pursuit of good for all can devolve into an excuse for taking as much for myself as I can get away with. If I become hard-hearted, I may apply capricious and inappropriate solutions. I may be prone to sudden unpredictable changes in attitude or behavior such as impulsiveness. I must develop the practice of mindfulness and reflection or I may face failure. I may lose friends because my acquisitiveness or obsession with responsibilities can drive them away.

Ethical Lens Inventory Results

My ethical lens directs my academic behavior in that I am able to see other people’s points of view with an open mind. I am able to put myself in their shoes to really