Ethical Lens Paper

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The ethical lens inventory was informative and the results were intriguing. I have never taken a test like this before that I recollect so, I was really curious what the results would be. I thought that a lot of the results were on point meaning I agreed with them; but there were also results I really didn’t know about myself. For example, my crisis is that I can be so judgmental that I don’t have many friends because I drive people away. I didn’t want to admit this to myself but it was spot on. I really don’t have that many friends and I’m very judgmental as far as other’s ethics. I didn’t take any of this negative, it’s just some things I can work on in the future; and things that inform me I always try to take in positively because it helps me grow as an adult. What I got out of it all is I try to do the right thing in most situations but I could use a little brushing up on my people skills and how I treat others. I already knew this about myself and I am working on it because I know the better I get along with other’s in the future is going to help me go far in my professional and academic career. That was just one of the aspects of my results overall. The results made me feel like a better person than I thought I was oddly enough. My career plan results were really informative as well. I found out that I’m good at coping with pressure and following directions. I also learned that I am much focused and that I would do well in careers where my skills were used to