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How to stay ethical in this situation

1. Understand what constitutes a multiple relationship

2. Protect confidentiality

3. Respect people's autonomy

4. Know your supervisory responsibilities

5. Identify your client and role

6. Document, document, document

7. Practice only where you have expertise

8. Know the difference between abandonment and termination

9. Stick to the evidence

10. Be accurate in billing
News paper

The newspaper synonym ‘gazette’ comes from a Renaissance-era Venetian currency, the gazetta. One of these small coins was the price a citizen paid in 1556 for the Notizie scritte, official printed announcements of government affairs.

Our project’s digitization efforts encompass the years 1890-1920; the period known as the “Golden Age” of print media. Newspapers had their widest readership and greatest influence during this era.

Increasingly, the Web is the contemporary medium of choice for accessing newspaper content. According to the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper Websites draw over one-third (37%) of all Web users—an average monthly unique audience of 72 million as of 2009.

According to 2008 figures collected by the World Association of Newspapers, the top newspaper by circulation is the Japanese-language Yomiuri Shimbun, with an average daily circulation of 14,067,000. (This is about 6 times the circulation of USA Today!) In fact, the top five papers by circulation are all from Japan. While no one disputes that Japan is a nation of dedicated newspaper readers, some have claimed that the circulation numbers of Japanese papers are routinely inflated by “Oshigami,” the institutionalized process of circulation exaggeration.

What are the oldest newspapers still being published today?

Oldest in the World: Post- och Inrikes Tidningar (Sweden), began 1645

Oldest in English Language: The London Gazette (UK), began 1665

Oldest in the United States: The Hartford Courant (CT), began 1764

Oldest in Oregon: The Portland Oregonian, began 1850

Copy paper

How much paper is 10,000 sheets? In one large stack, 10,000 sheets of unused paper weighs about 100 pounds and rises just over 4 feet (for a variety of reasons, as you use paper it takes up more space). Spread the paper out and you could cover the floor of a 10 foot square office 65 times, or a 3 by 6 foot desk more than 360 times. For every hour worked, about 5 sheets are used. This might only cost $50 to buy, but buying paper is just one of many relevant costs.

Paper in the U.S. is 8.5 x 11 inches, or 215 x 280 mm, with an area of 0.06 m2. An "A4" sheet is 210 x 297 mm and so is 0.06 m2.

"Standard" U.S. office paper is 20 lb. weight; each sheet is 8.5 x 11 inches and covers about 0.65 ft2.

There are about 200,000 such sheets in a ton. There are 100 to a pound and about 6 per ounce. A ream of such paper is 500 sheets, so there are 400 reams per ton, and each ream weighs 5 lbs.

Paper prices vary, but a typical bulk cost is $1,000/ton, which is $2.50 per