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Building an Ethical Organization
Fenesha Davis
November 30, 2014
Denise Marzullo
Building an Ethical Organization
The organization that I choose was a troubled teen center. This center is available for mostly teenagers who are constantly in trouble or have had some run ins with the law. Sometimes teens seem to get into trouble because they are bored, or feel that they have no one to talk to, this center will offer different programs that will keep the teens from getting in trouble, and it will offer also counseling services for the teens that feel that they need someone to talk to. There will also be donated items such as: clothes, shoes and other items that the teens may need. There will also be different college scouts that come out and talk to them about the importance of them continuing their education. There will also different educational field trips that the teens can attend, and there will be also be a lot of other field trips as well, such as college and professional athletic games, bowling, skating and other activities as well.
The way that the teens learn about the program is through our local human service agency, and through recommendation of parents, teachers, and other community members. Some teens are recommended because of their behavior and there are people in the community that want to see them do better, and they are concerned for their future.
Our mission statement is: Helping troubled teens, for a better tomorrow. This mission statement supports the ethical system because the organization is putting a lot of effort into making the teens a better person than what they was before they begin using the program. It also support the ethical system because we are showing the teens what trust really is. We are allowing them to open up, and to be able to confide in the counselors and the workers that are there.
Our organization is a non-profit, there is no charge to the teens for coming in, and there is also no charge for the different activities that the teens will be doing, unless they may want extra spending money. We have grants to pay for the building and we also get the food from donation from local food banks. The clothes and shoes that are there for the teens if they are needed is donated from people of the community as well. The counseling services that the teens will be receiving is also free to them as well. We pay the employees off of the grants that we are getting as well. So this service is pretty much free for all of the teenagers that are in need of any kind of services.
The mission statement send the community a very positive message. It is showing the community that we are trying to help our troubled teens that are growing up in our community, and that we are not going to give up on them, just because some other people may have. We are letting the community know that we are going above and beyond for them because they