Research Paper On Sexual Harassment

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ADMS Name: Annie Gu

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Date: Nov 29 2012

Sexual Harassment Diane is one of employee in breach of Mexico. She found that lots of potential problems existed in her breach includes some sexual harassment phenomena. On the one hand, the office policy required that women working as receptionist at the front of the office to wear colorful and slightly sexy uniforms. In fact, these requirements are irregular because the uniforms were demeaning and inconsistent with professional environment of the office. Although Diane proposed her queries, the executive did not take her proposals into account. Meanwhile, although Diane tried to report these issues to senior management, they replied that these issues are the “realities” of working in international business environments and asked her to “see it though.” That is a typical sexual harassment issue. The executive allowed the existing of unfair office policy instead of preventing it. At the same time, he ignored the employee’s proper proposals about work environment. Based on these facts above, the executive behaviors injured the interest of female employees. According to situation analysis, Diane as a female employee was in a passive position and she faced with lots of challenges and troubles compared with male employees. Firstly, Diane was in a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment happened within the workplace that prevents a woman from doing her job. Based on the traditional situation, the clients and partners don’t understand women in authority. So they lacked respects and fair treatments for Diane. Meanwhile, the behavior of her manager was exacerbated this matters by patronizing her in front of the clients and by referring to her through some discriminatory words. As a result, she became more and more passive in her position and received an unfair score about her performance evaluations. Diane suffered serious harms that led to Diane becoming more aggressive and defensive in her meeting and received an injustice evaluation about her performance. Furthermore, the office policy required that women working as receptionist at the front of the office to wear colorful and slightly sexy uniforms. Based on this situation, a quid pro quo sexual harassment occurred when granting sexual favors is made a condition of employment. Although the style of uniform did not have directly relations to their jobs, the office policy regard it as a condition of employment. The corporation required their female employees to execute this irregular requirement by setting policy. This behavior injured the interest of female employees. From the aspect of fairness, women have right to get the equal treatment in the workplace. Therefore, lots of countries already set down a series of relevant Acts to protect the rights female employees according to their local