Ethical dilemmas Essay

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Ethical Dilemmas in Business
Case 2: Kathryn McNeil (A)
Charles Foley’s Ethical Dilemma
At stake here are several conflicting values, the concern for a fellow human being, self-preservation, success of the company and the pressure to perform. As VP of the division, I am under scrutiny to deliver substantial results to my president, John Edmonds, to be seen as sensitive to my product managers needs. Lisa Walters, Kathryn’s supervisor, has pressed me for a resource action for boosting staff morale and replacing her with someone who can be more productive. I also feel that Kathryn McNeil is a hard worker who is stuck in a tricky personal situation.

My Approach to the Ethical Dilemma
How am I to satisfy Lisa Walters request to dispose
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I am personally more inclined to this framework because it provides a reason to assess the impact of my decision on the greater good of the company.
Immanuel Kant
Kant would argue that each player has hypothetical imperative to satisfy their own desires. For example, I would rather have Kathryn off the agenda to focus on the bottom-line. Walters would rather not have to deal with an employee who works fewer hours than the rest of her subordinate product managers.
But there remains only one categorical imperative in this case, which is doing the correct thing by Kathryn and letting her work on a flexible schedule so she may take care of her young son and also find the freedom to be productive at work. I am conflicted in my acceptance of the categorical imperative only because choosing it impacts my future with the company- but then again, that is my hypothetical imperative! Kant helps me understand the dilemma and a set of possible responses to it; however, I retain the agency of action and therefore I must also consider the greater good for Sayer MicroWorld.
Kathryn McNeil and Lisa Walters have both presented their side of the stories to me. After collecting and expositing on the perspectives of each individual I see two alternatives: a) lay off Kathryn McNeil or, b) transfer her to another department.
Firing Kathryn McNeil
Strengths of