Summary Of The Consequences Of Your Decision To Modify Spot 'A'

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Here is a summary of the consequences of your decision to modify spot 'A':

Director of Product Management:Your boss says, "I asked you to reach 15,000+ units a week. Your decision put us at 14,616 at the end of last week. While it's not what I asked for, it's in the ball park. You had better hope unit sales increase to meet projections in the coming weeks."

Unit Sales:Medium increase, 2,616 units, potential for future increases looks good. HA advertising is losing out on the Sunday 3:00 - 4:00 market. Brand awareness increased 10 points among parents.

Sales Team:The sales team is disappointed in your decision. They had hoped you would have gone with an option that would have increased their commissions more.

Advertising to children is the act of marketing or advertising products or services to children. According to the characteristics of children , who are easy to be influenced and imitate, the advertising should be more carefully and strict. therefore, I think it will be a problem that advertising to children. A good and educational ad may guide children to the correct direction, but a bad one may misguide them both on mentally and behaviors.

Turning Gears should try to alter its approach to limit concerns about negative impacts on kids. The influence of the advertisement to children is profound. thus, it is important for the company to discuss this problem. It is not necessary for the company to stop advertising to kids, but must change the way to advertising to children with positive impacts. What's more, it can also consult from parents, and make efforts about the problem together.

Uncertainty touches most aspects of life, especially when we make decisions that have consequences that we cannot predict. It is natural that we can weigh up the possible results and their risks and benefits. Hence we should change the uncertainty into certainty though further research. The uncertainty will become a problem or a significant issue when you ignore it, or you insist on your own benefits as you find it out. We should accepting and realizing this principal uncertainty is a conceptual challenge, and it is within this framework that we must make decisions of a moral nature. Therefore, decision-making and the handling of uncertainties have important ethical dimensions.

According to my opinion, adding labels would be the best way to resolve the problems of current situation. Before we make the decision, we should carefully take consideration about the consequence of insisting selling toys without any changes. It is an unethical behavior that make kids in an uncertainty dangerous situation. We also cannot solve the problem though replacing the material of toys because it is great harmful to company's benefits. therefore, it is the best way for the company to add labels on the toys to remind people to be careful about making choice. What should be put into consideration at first is the safety of customers, so it is the best way comparing with any other options.
A company should response to pressure of shareholders groups when the resources related to
1) Company's mission statement. A company's mission statement is a constant reminder to its employees of why the company exists and what the founders envisioned when they put their fame and fortune at risk to breathe life into their dreams. So it's significant to response.
2) The consequence of issue harm. A company should also consider about the issue harm as it may result in kinds of serious consequence
3) Company's perspective. You cannot just consider about your own benefits but also the stakeholders benefits. otherwise, you don't need to response if it is not relevant to the things above.

The main argument is whether child labor should be accepted. Based on the point of view of employers, it can be accepted because they think the manufactory has been provided higher payment and good quality of life for the children, and it also be accepted by the