Ethics and Compliance Essay

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Ethics and Compliance
Financial markets are any type of financial transaction that you can think of that helps businesses grow and investors make money. Some experts refer to the financial market as the stock market in which they are referring to stocks, bonds, and commodities. Stocks are shares of ownership of a public corporation that are sold to investors to allow the companies to raise a lot of cash at once. Mutual funds give you the ability to buy a lot of stocks at once. By reducing the stock market volatility can have a calming effect on the U.S. economy. There are different types of bonds, which include treasury bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds. Bonds provide some of the liquidity that keeps the U.S. economy functioning smoothly. Oil is the most important commodity in the U.S. economy. Gold is also another important commodity. Investors buy stock with the hope that it will pay its dividends or earnings. The investors also hope the price of the stock will increase in value. Investors buy and sell shares in the stock market that is referred to as secondary market. If the company is not doing well then people will want to sell the stock and the traded prices goes down. It the company is doing well then more people will want the stock and the price goes up. Companies and government also sell bonds to raise money for there organization.

Amazon has to follow the code of conduct and ethics with the financial environment of the company. Amazon follows the ethics related to understanding of the financial statements and assessing and implementing policies to reduce the risk. Employees at Amazon will also have to comply with the SEC regulations. The employees at Amazon will have to act ethically and lawfully in the interest of the company. The employees with Amazon must follow applicable rules and regulation and laws at all times. Amazon has formed and maintained guidelines for employees who need to report violations…