Ethics and Corporation Essay Questions

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Kaitlyn Hardt

The Corporation Essay Questions

1. When looking at an apple tree with many ripe apples’ shining in the light one does not realize that despite perception not all of the shining apples are good. Yes, there will be bad apples. I believe that this analogy for corporations is perfect. They shine bright and have fantastic media and public relations representatives but not all are actually good. There is always a bad apple. Judging from the movie there are more bad apples than one could recognize but because the crisis management team shines them up again no one will even think twice when realizing the flaws. The movie explains how major corporations such as Enron, Nike, Wal-Mart and more have been charged with violating laws and are known for paying off the issue to continue production. It is a shame that it only takes one bad apple or in this case a few to ruin what was originally deemed a good thing. In the beginning there were a few chartered corporations but with more power comes more control and demand grows stronger, this is where we run into problems. Now in the court of law because of the renditions of the rights a corporation can be viewed as a person, which essentially brings forth many boundaries that, they are able to cross and use to get away with even more law breaking. 2. A dominant group is one that controls the value system, rewards and profits in a particular society. When you change the word group to institution one is able to directly affiliate this with massive corporations who in turn are taking over the marketed and un-marketed world. A corporations runs like a system. A system by definition is a complex set of relationships among interdependent parts or components. In my opinion does not have solely interdependent parts because the main system begins to own the sub-parts. With corporations going into less fortunate countries and utilizing their resources with a minimal pay out and then owning those necessary resources the system becomes more of a hierarchical dominant diplomacy. This is displayed throughout almost every example in the movie. Especially when corporations such as Nike are paying workers cents to a dollar for a shirt they will up charge to as much as fifty dollars. 3. In the video “The Corporation” we see a few examples that can be