Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas Essay examples

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Microsoft has been around for quite some time; in fact throughout this time they have proceeded to dominate the globe. Their products reach every part of every continent. With thousands of employees ethical dilemmas take place every day. What might be ethically correct here in America may be a slap in the face to the Chinese. As one would presume ethical dilemmas can easily arise into conflict in an instant. How can one determine who is right and what decision is the best to go with, and further more by satisfying a conflict between two how do you know you haven’t pissed off another? Microsoft must be extremely carefully in this juggling act to make sure that the ethical provisions in whatever part of the globe they encompass are treated with the dignity and respect that the culture desires. Ethics within different society’s will vary so it will depend on Microsoft to respond adequately to different scenarios.
Microsoft is a global technology company who has risen quickly and became one of the greatest companies in the world. They employ only three billionaires but also employee over 12,000 millionaires throughout the globe. Microsoft technology has made communication possible worldwide and seems to have effectively bridged the gap between the outside world. Technology has its global reach and brings the subject matter relevance, cross cultural ethics within a global organization such as Microsoft. Microsoft like many other global companies has staff committed to