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Intro to Prof. Ethics
November 7
The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln lawyer is about a lawyer name Mickey Haller who agrees to take a case to defend Louis Roulet, a wealthy real estate agent who is be accused of assaulting a prostitute. Mickey works and does business out of his car, which happens to be a Lincoln. While looking over the evidence for the case, Mickey finds some similarities to a past case he had that landed his client at the time, Jesús Martínez, in jail for murdering a woman. After putting some connection together, Mickey begins to suspect that Louis could be the real killer in the Martínez case, and he finds that the two cases are intertwined, but because of the attorney-client confidentiality rules, he cannot tell the police about the information he has learned.
While trying to do his best for his client, that he know is guilty, Mickey manages to turn the jury against the beaten prostitute, who was the victim, up until this point. The prostitute is now thought to be just after money. After a prison informant lied to the prosecution on the witness stand, the defense dismissed all charges against Louis, and he is set free but is immediately re arrested thanks to Mickey, Louis was charged with the murder of Martinez.
Throughout the movie,there are many ethical issues that are presented by the characters. The first unethical issue presented in this movie is murder; murder is never an ethical behavior. Another ethical issue could have come from society’s view on prostitution. Because being a prostitute is looked down upon by society, the jury did not have a difficult time thinking she was in it for the money. It was unethical of the jury to view the prostitute as the guilty party because they used stereotypical views to form their opinions. Haller, although he ended up putting Louis behind bars, had some very unethical practices. He ran his business out of his Lincoln and would accept bribes