Ethics and Specific Environment Essay

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Question 1
Specific environment
Those external forces that have a direct impact on manager` decisions and actions and are directly relevant to the achievement of the organizational goals
Each organization `s specific environment is unique and changes with conditions
General environment
Broad external conditions that may affect the organization
Factors do not affect as the factors of specific environment
Managers must consider them as they plan ,organize lead and control
Question 2
1 attention to detail
2 outcome oriented
3 people oriented
Team oriented :degree to which work is organized around team rather than individuals
Aggressiveness :degree to which employee are aggressive and competitive rather than cooperative
Stability :degree to which organizational decisions and actions emphasize maintaining the status quo
Innovation and risk taking :degree to which employees are encouraged to be involved and to take risk
The supermarket should use the above-mentioned to administer every department and improve the risk .different culture have different management . the maager should know every culture`s different way , as a result to administer .the supermarket has all kinds of things .
Question 3
1 stage or moral development
Sticking to rules to avoid physical punishment
Following rules only when doing so is your immediate interest
Living up to what is expected by people close to you
Maintaining conrentional order by fulfilling obligations
Valuing rights of others and upholding absolute values and right regardless of the majority`s opinion
Following self-chosen ethical principles even if they violate the low
2 individual characteristics
Each and every person has got a set of values ,family ,education and environment
Ego :strong or weak-ethical or unethical acts
Locus of control strong or weak
3 structural variables
Organizational structural design influences whether employees behave ethically
Strong or weak structural design
Structural design minimizes almbiguity and uncertainty ,reminds employees what is ethical or unethical
Research showed ,goal setting may lead to unethical behavious
4 issue intensity
How much agreement is there that the action is wrong consensus of wrong
How many people will be harmed intensity of harm
Concentration of effects
Question 4
An organization`s intention beyond its economic obligations to do the right things and act in ways that are good for societies the socially responsible have two views :the classical view and the socio-economic view .comparing the two views :the socio-economic view :employees ,customers