Ethics And Values In Relation To Situations Occurring In Health Information Practice

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Concepts of Ethics and Values in Relation to Situations Occurring in Health Information Practice

Tiffany Z. Ajose
Kaplan University-Online
Legal Aspects of Health Information
Professor Deborah Mack

If I were employed in the Human Resources Department at Anywhere Hospital I would not release any interview information to anyone, including friends and family. The issues with releasing the information are that the person may be well prepared to answer the interview questions but not be qualified for the position. If I were to release this information I could face being terminated from my position. Instead of giving specific interview information I would advise them of general interview information that could be used to interview for any position. In this situation I would also encourage them to check out interviewing information online or at the library.

After being asked for the interview information I would explain to my friend that ethically and morally I could not disclose the requested information with her. However, I would offer other resources that would assist her with her interview. I would even go as far doing mock interviews with her. Essentially, I would explain that I have a lot at stake by releasing the information. If someone found out that I released the information I could be terminated for violating the hospital confidentiality policy and possibly be reported to any professional organization that I may be am associated with. This could also ruin my professional reputation and hinder me from getting positions in the future. I would also advise her to research the position she is applying for, or seek another position. If she is not comfortable interviewing for the position she may not be fully qualified. This unethical behavior will not be setting a good example for other employees