Ethics: Arabian Peninsula and World Business Culture Essay example

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At PETERFOOTLOCKER, we are on the offense, always. We play hard, we play to win, and we play by the rules of the game.
This Code of Ethics is vitally important. It contains the rules of the game for PETERFOOTLOCKER, the rules we live by and what we stand for. Please read it. And if you’ve read it before elsewhere in our other international subsidiaries, read it again for we playing the game and this time in Saudi Arabia standards. Then take some time to think about what it says and make a commitment to play by it.
Defining the PETERFOOTLOCKER playing field ensures no matter how dynamic and challenging PETERFOOTLOCKER may be, our actions and decisions fit with our shared values.
Thanks for your commitment,

As an employee of Carter International Inc., you will be expected in addition to our ethics and code of conduct polices in the U.S., to follow these additional ethics and code of conduct here in Saudi Arabia. Failure to do so will result in termination from Carter International Inc.
Here in Saudi Arabia it is important to understand as mentioned earlier the religion of Islam merges with all forms of business and everyday life. “The observance of religious ritual takes precedence over all other aspects of life and prayer punctuates the business day (World Business Culture, n,d, para.1).
No employees will denounce, ridicule or criticize any religious practices of our host Country. Any employees that practice Islam will be allowed all the rights afforded under the Country of Saudi Arabia. This includes time off for religious holidays, fasting and praying. Payout, Favors, Bribery
In the Middle East it is common practice that government officials received compensation for their work. These favors, money or payouts, are “justified on the basis that (1) it is a traditional way of meeting communal obligations by redistributing wealth to certain segments of the population, and (2) it supplements the low salaries of civil servants” (Ferraro, 2012 & Briody, p.158). The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits U.S. based corporations from giving money to government officials in exchange for contracts in other words, engaging in bribery (Ferraro, 2012 & Briody, p.158).
All employees are not to engage in any payout, favors, or bribery for any contracts, permits or services with the Saudi Arabian government, individual or businesses. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of your employment with Carter International Inc.
Meetings in Saudi Arabia do not follow the same protocol at the U.S. When meeting a business contact for the first time, you may be sent into a room with several other people whom you have never met. Meetings can last for hours and it may seem like nothing is being accomplished. Thus it is strongly advised NOT to schedule more than one meeting per day. There is no formal agenda and or designated chairman in meetings. It is recommended to ask if or when is possible for you to speak or interject (World Business Culture,