Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Ethics Awareness Inventory Analysis
In society and around the world there are cultures that differ than the one where individuals began life. Many people wonder how the other half lives or how the society in their land acts toward others. The enculturation of the masses are different in every house and their usually no two alike. This difference creates personal and professional educational experiences that carries one in life and assists with ethical behavior and logic thinking that can guide a person in the intentions and duty of work and life.
Interpretation Analysis In the enculturation I have from the childhood I had many aspects of the character I am today fits the model from the ethics awareness inventory (EAI) pages produced from the student website. I tend to be more of the person who is obligated to seek comparison for all those parties involved with an opportunity. I have a sense of duty to follow the acculturation of a business and to use the words that show that I understand that I am part of a larger picture and that I do trust more than most. I personally believe that everyone is good and they are destined to be a great person because they are worthy and they will make the correct decision. The core expectation of how I challenge myself is that I expect the same out of me as I do others and that the character and integrity of all people is like minded toward society.
Ethics and Education Throughout my career I have found that the education I have been given has changed my critical thinking and ethics because I have thought of them more since furthering my education with the University of Phoenix. In some of my dilemmas faced in life sometimes others seem to have the answers because they had an education and others were clueless as I was without thinking critically. Many of people in society draw on their own experiences he or she has had and the conclusions and reasoning are a basis for the critical thinking. “Whenever someone is reasoning, it makes sense to ask, “Upon what facts or information are you basing your reasoning?” The factual basis for reasoning can be important” (Elder & Paul, 2006, Page 59, Para. 4). I am a manager in my company and my cross functional department cooperation asks that I think critically when it comes to customer service because some people in other