Essay about Ethics: Bureau of Labor Statistics and Cost-of-living Index Measures

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Practice Reframing a Problem: Too Much Television
One way I would reframe the "too much television" problem is by using the method of thinking prevention. I chose this method because watching long hours of television can cause loss of eye sight, obesity and the child can become anti-social. I would prevent all the things mentioned, from occurring, by adding different activities throughout the day so the child will not be watching so much television. Some activities that I would add would be playing outside, adding some school-related activities, such as reading, writing, coloring and drawing, which can help the child better their abilities in school and become a successful child. I would also reframe the hours spent watching television. I would cut the hours short on watching televisions and add more activities which can be more helpful and beneficial to a child's life. gjsgjlks ajajglksajglksdjg alkdslkgjlkajg ak alkgjklsdjf sdjaflka alksdlkfjslkdjfkslda f akfenalkdnelkfjlksejfl lkslkdfnlksanfnsdlkfna laknflsdklf ds lksfsdj fsdkljflsjklf lkasdklfjsaf alsfjalkfj a a lkdsklsfj a akfjsdaj flksdjf alkfdsjlkfjalk f ;kfdj a fajf af asd fksdjfldsjfk f anijriogjoiretoitoiirepotioitopepo

1) The Occupational Outlook Handbook is publication of the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics that includes information about the nature of work, working conditions, training and education, earnings, and job outlook for hundreds of different occupations.
2) Every 2 years
3) True
4) June 12, 2013
5) Employment Situation
6)SOC Policy Committee
7) population
8) technology advances, growth and age
9) The demand is increasing because of the changing tasks that require electronic technology and increasing number of