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Ethics Case Study
Yesenia Echavarria
HCS 335
October 13,2014
Beryl Keegan


In present day’s health care culture certain individuals are accessible to assume illegal medical actions based on individual guidance; but ethical and legal concerns result one’s activities if he/ she is not authorized to make such choices. The situation of Jerry McCall is an instance of such a situation in present day’s health care atmosphere. While Jerry is qualified as a medical assistant and a licensed practical nurse (LPN), this does not give him the ability to prescribe any method of prescription to any individual for any purpose. The possibility of Jerry’s education mind let him to take vitals, focus to injuries, occasionally dispense shots under the direction of doctors, and in hospital scenery observer patients on tubes and oxygen supplies. Moreover, Jerry is a medical assistant and is a multi-trained health specialized that offers managerial, accounting, and technical help to the doctor. The possibility of Jerry’s preparation is partial to every part of of the revealed responsibilities and none are defined as directing medication.

Ethics Case Study

My recommendation to Jerry would be to say the patient that he is apologetic but under penalization of the law he cannot approve the fill-up of the Valium without the doctor's authorization. The main ethical and legal matters that might affect Jerry’s choice is that it is unlawful for a LPN to prescribe any prescription, and this might be contemplated performing prescription and Jerry does not have a medical authorization however he might have the preparation. He might be prosecuted by the medial boarding for misconduct and lose his LPN certificate. He might also be placing the doctor at jeopardy for a complaint under the accused greater principle. Whilst Jerry might feel compassion for the patient’s condition the lawful matters far overshadow the feelings of compassion he might have. The nurse’s code of ethics states that a nurse should training within the possibility of preparation as defined by the State Board of Nursing in which he/she performs.

Dr. William’s patient is an intimate friend, and irrespective of the kind of prescription he wants (blood pressure or Valium), Jerry might call the physician to help the patient or have the patient call the physician to prescribe the prescription for him in an alternative condition. The patient of Dr. Williams might require this medicine to fly and though the prescription; Valium, is used to handle fear for anxiety of airborne, the lawful penalties must Jerry call in the fill-up for the patient can cost the doctor, office workers, Jerry and the patient disastrous financial damage. Moreover, the ethical duty for Jerry in this condition might cost him a long-lasting vocation loss cause he might lose his permit.
Considerate the meaning of a licensed practical nurse, LPN, and a medical assistant, MA is the first stage to creating a faithful deduction for this