Ethics Class Essay

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Bailey Flanigan
Prof. Mull
English 1B
15 September 2014
Ethics According to the Philosophers “In speaking of a man’s character we do not say that he is wise or intelligent, but that he is gentle or temperate; yet we praise the wise man too for the disposition he has developed within himself, and praiseworthy dispositions we call virtues.” The ultimate goal to achieve the “aim of man” is finding the meaning of happiness, according to Aristotle. One of his ideas of happiness is to become a virtuous human being or to become morally good. He states that material goods or intelligence cannot make a man happy, but only an activity of the soul that reveals a pure example of virtue and excellence will generate a man’s happiness. Since Aristotle is in favor of virtue and happiness it would seem that he would agree to have an ethics class since ethics teaches people to be morally upright and also teaches them the differences between right and wrong. Nietzsche believed that man was commonly born good, so he did not believe in the ideals of the church because as humans one can grasp one’s potential by chasing one’s passions and overlooking the faulty ideals of the church. He believes that the church sabotages the passions of its members, and by this the church is ruling out the inborn nature of its followers lives. Nietzsche believed that if a human was immoral that he is the absolute ideal human being because they can discern the rights and wrongs in life by implementing passions and a preferred lifestyle that bests relates to their own lives. Since Nietzsche believes that all men