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Ethics Essay
Ethics emphasizes that something is “good” and that the group will strive toward the goodness. It is doing the “right” thing. When reviewing, ethics there are different ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontological, and virtue ethics.
The Utilitarianism belief is that more good should come from a decision than harm. When reviewing if something is right or wrong a thorough inspection will take place regarding the possible solutions. The Utilitarianism will look for different options and weigh out each benefit or consequence. Whichever option has the best outcome for all at stake will be the correct solution. An example of this is a business opening up earlier and staying later. Even though employees may not want a longer work day it will be best for the customers.
The Deontological belief is to make sure the right thing happens out no matter what consequences are or who may be affected. The Deontological decision-making process follows that of Western biblical tradition. The process is entirely “action” based on principals like the “Golden Rule” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” An example is a coworker is illegally working through lunchtime to get ahead. It is nice the work is current, but they are obtaining this illegally.
Virtue ethics strongly focuses on the motivation and intentions of an individual. This reflects on rules and consequences, but a large part of an individual’s character. The Virtue Ethics process will use the community standards without going through the decision-making process. An example is an employee who shows up on time and puts in an honest day work.
Reflecting back on some ethical issues one story comes to mind. Working for a finance company, they are very tolerant of human issues but there are rules put place for the employees to follow. One in particular is the company allows coworkers to date just as long as the employees were not in the same department. A friend was becoming overly