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Kenneth MACHOL
ETH 316
April 23, 2012
Karen Harvey

Ethics plays a very important role in society. Also, a devotion to certain ethical and moral principles has a optimistic growth of a person’s moral nature. In addition detailed living experiences can help out assured individuals to bring out the growth of his or her ideals and principles. This essay will look at the similarity plus difference of virtue, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics. I will also give details of how each one of these theories influence ethics and morality. I will give an example of a special event of a virtue theory as it relates to the values and moral concepts.
The virtue theory is based on the character, intentions, and morals of an individual (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). This principled presumption is more concerned with the morals of a person rather than focusing on what consequences might happen. In addition, the personality of a person is based on how good or disrespectful they are or even both. Persona and character is something you’re not born with, however you achieve this throughout your numerous diverse living experience or moral principles. The utilitarianism theory centers on the top way to deal with the consequences of a person. Utilitarian’s don’t look at the difference in a selected act that is concerned with honest issues. They will concentrate more on the person that is doing this work. Utilitarianism will focus on morality only if the action is considered an ideal act but if the action is not a preferred act, then morality does not play a role (Martin, 2010). Similarly in utilitarianism principles is not looked at while the final conclusion is made for the reason that all decisions are made for the greatest results for the person. Deontological ethics specifically focuses on the duties of injustice rather than the consequences or moral principles (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). A deontological principle is the correctness of moral actions by determining if it follows moral norms. Meaning you know it’s wrong to