Ethics Essay

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Ethics Essay
February 10, 2014

Ethics can be described as a value system of principles that we all follow in life this value system can be the guide to everything we in life. Ethics deal with the question of what is morally right or morally wrong. These morals not only deal with your personal life but also your professional life. There are three major theories when it comes to ethics these include; virtue theory, utilitarian and deontological theory. Virtue theory mainly deals with the character of a person this theory focuses on one's character and not the actions, obligations or duties that are required of the person. Virtues are qualities that one possesses and are morally good and desirable in a person. With the Utilitarian theory, the individual should do whatever is the greater good for everyone involved and that the result of one's actions will result in the best interest of all involved. Deontological theory describes ethics as a duty as opposed to a moral responsibility, regardless of the consequences a person is to do what is right. A similarity within the three major theories would be that one shall always perform actions that are morally right. A difference between the other two theories and deontological ethics is that you might do what is morally right despite what the result may be. But with the other two major theories is that a person is required to do what is right but the theories leave some room for technicalities.
At my employer, we are required to tell the customer the truth regardless of what the result will be during the end of the call. I work in a bank, and I am a customer service representative that handles checking and savings accounts, so, needless to say, most of my calls are about over drafted accounts. We are required to give the customer the best and most accurate information possible because the customer sees us as their "trusted advisor". We are required to say it in a way that shows empathy and is considerate, but we are to tell them the truth and do what is morally right despite the customer