Essay on Ethics: Ethics and Current Events

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Ethics, Morals and Current Events

Society is what makes us who we are, what we see, how we talk, how we act etc. Throughout chapter 1 we learned about Ethics, Morals and Current Events. I chose a song by Tupac Shakur that’s goes by the name of “Keep your head up” which is speaking out too single mothers, and woman who are being abused physically or verbally throughout our world. In this time and age there’s been a battle between good vs. evil, society looks at woman abuse as a crime but then again people are not putting the effort into actually stopping it. In my opinion a couple commercials and a couple fundraisers won’t help the situation get any better, because that’s something everybody else in this world is doing for their own problems in their society, whether it’s drinking and driving, violence, trying to start a business, so they put on a front and lie to raise money for their personal use. From my point of view, nobody is original anymore and nobody actually cares for what their standing for but they care more about the money they’re going to receive at the end of the day. Society should come together and start planning things out for the children, woman who have been in and out of abusive relationships or grew up too be a single mother should be sent out too schools worldwide, just to touch up on that topic with the youth from a young age so they grow up to understand that hitting a woman, or having sex with her and leaving her to raise the baby on her own is wrong. Our global community increases everyday and so much can happen within a second, which makes it harder for people to speak out too their community because in reality a lot of people are ignorant and don’t want to listen to the fact’s that are