Ethics: Ethics and Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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Ethical Lens Inventory The views of Ethic are hard to understand and it differs from person to person. Each one of us has different definition, opinions, and ways of describing what Ethic means to us. Some may say, ethics are what our feelings tell us what’s right and what’s wrong. To have ethics at work place, ethical believes, and some of us may not know the meaning of it until we come across. Even though each individual has been raised with ethical values, morals, and believes but it’s just that we don’t know it until we face or experience it. To me being ethical means being honest to myself, doing my job with hundred percent honesty; being ethical means being fair and know what I am doing is right and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it after the fact.
After going over my results that showed on the Ethic Game, it made me realize that it’s a tool that one can use to measure what’s important to us. What are good at and what are the challenges, and know about weakness. What we need to step back on and what we need to priorities in life.
My personal preferred lens is Rights and Responsibility and Relationships Lens.; rationality, autonomy, and equality, which is absolutely true. I use my reasoning skills that everyone should follow the process of fairness and justice for all community. I like to be fair and want everyone to pitch in and support each other.

My blind spot is that I believe in motive justifies method and sometimes getting overconfidence in a process. Because of this