Ethics: Ethics and Good Moral Person Essay

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Virtue Theory Similarities

A person with moral virtues chooses these standards to live their lives by establishment. But, these approaches to ethics can have similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics that rely on the concept of goodness. The similarity between these theories is that they try to set a standard by which a good moral person can live by within a community. A person of virtues is measured by his character and moral standing within the community in determination to his goodness. For utilitarianism the person or individual is a good moral person when he places the needs of the community over the needs of his personal needs through his actions. The similarity in deontological ethics is when a person is good and moral when his choice in the community is inherently moral and good, the right choice. Therefore, there is a common ground between these three theories which is goodness and morality as perceived by others within communities such as a work environment, a group of friends, or family. A community identifies people as good, moral, or ethic using these three theories and their differences. Virtue ethics looks directly into the character of a person to establish whether he is good and moral and the evaluation of his character in the long term. Utilitarianism and deontology look at actions instead of character, these actions are good and moral when they benefit the entire community, and they are