Essay on Ethics: Health Care and Community Health

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Samantha Williams

HRET Focus Areas

As a health care professional, it is the responsibility of management to make the necessary steps to measure performance and ensure that quality care is given to all patients. For the purpose of this paper, I believe Quality and safety, and community health is important to all heath care administrators.
Quality and Safety

When one is considered to be an employer, it is the responsibility of the individual or individuals to protect their employees from safety hazards and promote optimal health. Health and safety laws have been passed to ensure the safety of workers and protect them from hazards in the workplace. (OSHA, 2012)The Occupational Safety and Health Act mandate and require employers to provide a workplace that is free of hazards and to cooperate with occupational safety and health standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration were created by Congress to enforce specific standards and to provide information on safety and health, training and assistance to employers and workers. (OSHA, 2012) OSHA enables workers to understand and clarify their right. If a problem is present, it is up to the employee to take proper precaution and notify the organization so that corrections can take place. As an employer, it is important to act promptly so that the matter is handled promptly and efficiently. There are many ways an individual can report an unhealthy work environment. It is imperative to research and document ways to lessen work place injury and violence. Epidemiologic techniques can lessen and act as a vital role and perhaps reduce the amount of instances pertaining to health standards and safety in the work place. (Hricko, 1994)
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is estimated that about 385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually among health care workers in hospitals. There are many risk factors associated with sharp injuries. Based on research gathered from the CDC, if a sharp injury occurs, the employee is then exposed to bacteria and infection. In addition to inflicting injury to one, the in-proper storage of sharp instruments can injure any one that comes into contact with the instrument. As an employer, the responsibility and distress for an employee to suffer from a sharp injury can be enormous. The cost of treatment if at all curable can be quite expensive in addition to the emotional and legality of policies and procedures. (CDC, 2012) Improvements in hazard intervention are needed to ensure a safe working environment.
Community Health
Health care workers are at risk for infection from blood-borne pathogens and contaminated blood or body fluids. When a sharp injury takes place in the workplace, exposure to blood-borne pathogens, particularly hepatitis B, HCV, or HIV, can result in overwhelming or fatal disease. Treatments of these diseases have serious health and economic consequences. According to the CDC, as a health care professional, it is important for employees to create and implement policy and plan programs. Employers must assess the health of the population or community they service and must determine whether health services are available, accessible, effective, and efficient for all employees. (Ball, 2008) With health disparities being a focus for health professionals, it is essential that health administrators continue to be aware of and respond to demographic changes. Underprivileged populations will need services that are appropriately delivered to them and those services must meet their specific needs. This will perhaps require input in community assessments, improvement implementation and evaluations.
The role
HRET plays a unique and innovative role in the health care industry. With the various trainings offered and innovative methods of meeting patient needs, the quality of service to the patients are consistent. Effective Health Care leadership encourages the working environment to be