Essay about Ethics: Interpersonal Communication

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Jennifer Tlaige
ICA Preparation #2
Professor Jin Kim

The main topic of my paper discusses the seven building blocks that successful companies should use in becoming a successful brand. The three divisions I chose that are close to the main topic of my paper are interpersonal communication, public relations and language and social interaction. The division of interpersonal communication deals with how people communicate with one another. The ways in which people communicate has to deal with several factors such as mutual influence. Mutual influence has to do with how individuals influence each others behaviors when making decisions because of their interactions with each other. This division also discusses how communication between individuals has a lot to do with the ways in which we interpret and react to what people say or do. Interpersonal communication can happen mostly anywhere, between any type of people. This division mentions communication in close relationships as one example, as well as the communication techniques individuals in organizations, health and other groups display as other examples. The division of public relations is a bit more specific then the division of interpersonal communication, because it deals with a more specified public or target audience. This division focuses on target groups and how they can best spread or share information between an individual organization and the public. This division focuses on the goals that a client or company has. In order to fully investigate these groups, the division of public relations explores network consultation. Network consultation deals with those who are experienced in helping others make the best possible choice or decision on certain manners. The division of public relations has to do with helping organizations or clients reach certain goals that they set out for themselves. The division of language and social interaction is similar to both interpersonal communication and public relations because it deals with how humans interact with each other. However it focuses more specifically on language theory or the underlying message or meaning of what is being said. This division focuses on all aspects of language such as linguistics, pragmatics, etc. Linguistics deals with how the structure and differences in language influence our social interactions with one another. Linguists would focus on grammar and structure of language. Pragmatics has to deal with how people create meaning of words and sentences through grammar and structure as well as the context in which something is being said. Context deals with how something is being said as well where it’s being said. In order to understand context, one must focus on how individuals can understand what a person is trying to say regardless of whether they explicitly state it. Context can also be described as what is happening before or during the interaction. This division is similar to the division of interpersonal communication because a message is occurring between a sender and receiver. The division I feel that best relates to my paper is the division of