Euthanasia Research Paper

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Nothing ought to be done, the patient should be left to die naturally .. despite his state, if he is responsive to pain there is hope and chance that a recovery is possible.

each time one takes the easy way out of a situation the social value of life is decreased a significant amount. The use of euthanasia is only becoming more common in those countries that allow the use of it, and this will only lead to a point in time where human life holds no value. There are times when patients that were diagnosed to never recover come out of comas to continue living a normal life up until their life is naturally over. If human value is degraded in society then there is no reason to prevent the crime rates as humans are seen as worthless and give no thought when killing another. In an ethical manner the power given to those to take the life of an ill individual is challenged as no person can really know what the real reason is behind the taking and permission giving of the death.

Euthanasia promotes the idea that unless human life is perfect that I'll patient’s life if worthless and therefor can be demolished. Who decides when it is right to take a life? when do you know it's right to take one? so many questions that yield answers that cannot be provided makes those witness to it question the real purpose of euthanasia and the justifications used against it.

as one thing often does lead to another, before we know it euthanasia may be purely in the hands of those medical associations and they could without doubt use this in their own advantage to take the lives of those they do not believe deserve to live.

when an entire medical profession is involved in euthanasia, the