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HUMN 320 – Ethical and Moral Issues This week we started class talking about Mill. He believed that all that matter is the consequences. The action it took to get the outcome was not of importance. We read in article called “Lying to save money on care is still lying”. It is about a nurse practitioner that is worried about a patients' colon and because he is under 40 she knows that his insurance will not cover a colonoscopy for a preventative screening purpose. She told the insurance company that the man had “abdominal pain” and that made the procedure medically necessary for the insurance company to pay for. The man was very angry about the nurse practitioner decision to do this and contacted a lawyer to see their advice. The lawyer agreed with the NP and stated, “She was just trying to help you out”. After reading the article we were asked whether or not this was a “good nurse” or “bad nurse”. At first, I thought that this would be bad nursing because you are falsifying medical records and potentially risking your job. However, through the class discussion I decided this would be a great nurse. Abdominal pain is such a vague symptom and completely harmless to the patient. Also, this nurse practitioner was showing great care towards the patient and their wellbeing. Like the lawyer said, “You don’t need to make a mountain out of it.” This nurse practitioner knows what she is doing, which is putting her patient first. Insurance companies have no care towards the patients’ health they are all about money. Therefore this is an excellent nurse. Another article we read in class last week was called “Young adults left adrift in sea or moral relativity”. This article really shocked me. I was amazed when the asked to name a moral dilemma two thirds of the young people either could not name one or named something that was not moral. We face moral issues all the time and do not realize we are even doing it. People have opinions about topics such a rape, stealing, and cheating but most people thing that these issues are personal when in fact they are moral dilemmas. Next we listened to a…