Ethics Of Business Essay

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Ethics of Business

The ethics of business foundation and the most successful company is Costco. The business is so big it sets them aside from different retailers also companies. Ethics responsibility for a business owner is to have good customer satisfaction and profit growth in stockholders. They want to do the right thing for Costco employees earn a high pay in hour they offer benefits. All employees have a retirement plan and health insurance. The customers say that some of the prices are good deals in the industry. Prices will stay lower for business. Some products may cost a little bit more but they are better quality. The customers are always going to go spend money. Walmart competes with Costco. Walmart hourly pay is really low and the health insurance also. Walmart could be saving money because they don’t pay their employee more pay. They should pay their employees more they deserve to get higher wages. Costco stocks are the largest in the retail industry also shows a large increase. Walmart always has brought low prices to the customers. The products are cheap quality they don’t compare to Costco products. The products don’t come in bulks so you would have to buy many. Costco has membership cards for each person that way their customers keep coming back. The customers pay each month to be a member and if they spend money in the store. The more they money they spend in a year they get a percentage back. Business owners go there to buy a lot of inventory that they need. Costco sells their products in bulks. Many people that own businesses like going there because they can purchase thing in bulks. Costco is very well known to talk care of employee and most of all taking care of member customers. The prices are deals customers keep coming back for more good products. Also the employees that treat their customers right they get rewards. The employees get paid more they can live on high paid an good benefits that way the employee will stay