Ethics Of Running Shoes Essay

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Brooks is a manufacturer of well made high performance running shoes. They are a driven company focused entirely on meeting a runner's specific needs. Brooks Sports Inc. was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1914 by Morris Goldenberg. The name “Brooks” was selected by Morris as a play off his wife's maiden name Bruchs. Brooks originally produced bathing shoes in 1917 before moving into sports in the 1930s by producing baseball cleats in 1920 and football cleats in the 1930s. In 2001 they almost fell to the assumption of bankruptcy with only 30 million left to their disposure CEO Jim Weber decided to expand the brand to make shoes for a variety of sports, including running. The idea excelled and the company is now multi billion dollar industry. They are now known for their ethically produced shoes and their dedication to making the best running shoe possible. Brooks scored best in the study for ethically manufactured sports shoes by German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest. That is …show more content…
They proved that through their years of experience that they have made and been selling the best made and ethically produced shoes. They have stories of record breaking times and life changing experience in their shoes. As well as the logic behind how they built their shoes to be the best.

Through their social media sites they express everyday all the things that make them a better company. They use catchy catch phrases that will stick with an individual next time they decide to go shoe shopping. As well as supporting the quality of their shoes buy explaining their “superior DNA.” Their company and media sites have been around for multiple decades and have no bad reputation or poor customer service complaints. Their credibility as a company is sky high thanks to all the effort of all the workers at