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A Question of Ethics, using Ferrell’s Framework

Samarin is faced with the ethical dilemma of what to do regarding information in his possession that would allege unethical behavior within the OrangeWerks organization. After an analysis of the case, and evaluation of the identified alternatives, it is recommended that Samarin seek to clarify his concerns and attempt to rectify his ethical reservations regarding the organization. This proactive approach provides him the opportunity to right past wrongs, protect all involved parties and assist to establish a future framework for ethical decision making and communication within the organization.
Framework Analysis
Using the Ferrell Framework for Ethical Decision Making we
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Or he can consider leaving the company with the understanding, rather than a suspicion, that the company’s founders will continue to behave in an unethical manner. If the organization is clearly beyond influence, Samarin should depart with his integrity and reputation intact.
Should Samarin elect to resign based on the outcomes from his conversation with the founders, or from inaction, resulting from the development of policies not adhered to, then Samarin should discuss his findings and explain his resignation to the angel investor. Samarin has a moral obligation to the individual(s) who have a financial stake in, but no fundamental control over, the organization.
Irrespective of his decision to stay or leave the organization, Samarin should seek to resolve, if he has the ability and authority, his previous indiscretion by purchasing the proper licenses for the UNIX software.
Samarin has the alternative to do nothing. In doing so, he neglects the question of what is right and what is wrong, abdicates any accountability he holds as an employee, leader and stakeholder, and puts the organization, his co-workers and the investors’ investment in jeopardy. This alternative is not supported by the case analysis.
Samarin has the option to stay with the organization and try to lead a change initiative to