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Kateri Lovell
Journal Entry 2
October 14, 2014
Ethics in the Classroom
This is the second of 4 entries for this assignment. Use this space to share your learning about ethical digital decision making when using online learning components. Each entry should contain examples you learned in class as well as one outside source to back your new learning. The purpose of this assignment is for reflection as you learn. It is not for simple regurgitation of information. Make sure you connect your personal experiences, class learning, and research in each entry.

I believe it is unethical to have expectations in the classroom or school that is impossible for students to reach. In class we were to write a letter to the school president about technology that helps to improve Avila. My group wrote about having a device that allows athletes to participate in class while still participating in their sport. We suggested using something to record classes, or live stream them so the student who must miss class, can still participate. It is unethical not to have this device already, because all students are expected in class, but student athletes are expected to “earn their scholarships,” forcing them to miss classes, making it harder for them to keep up with their studies.
It is also unethical to give a student a device without first teaching them to use the electronic devise. All too often teachers have students use devises without teaching them to make ethical decisions on the devise. The website is a great page filled with things students should know before thy use a device for anything in the classroom such as