Ethics Paper

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September 30, 2014
Ethics paper

Many things are taught in the number one dental school in the world, West Virginia University. The first and most essential thing students have learnt at the school is being professional and ethical. Professionalism and ethics are two broad spectrums which cover many fields in life. It is important to know the definition of ethics before getting into examples of ethics. Ethics are the moral principle or virtues that govern the character and conduct of an individual or a group. Examples of ethics are numerous, but one example I can come up with through my experience at the West Virginia University School of Dentistry. A classmate of mine (person A) was working in the wet lab and she forgot her fancy jacket setting on a chair by the door. Another classmate (person B) was around that area, saw the jacket, and immediately grabbed the jacket and started walking away from the lab. I saw the whole thing happening and I waited until next day. Person A came and asked me if I saw her jacket and my reply was: “yes but I don’t know where it went!” I went to person B and asked her about the jacket and she denied that she took it. I told her that I was there watching her taking the jacket, and I explained to her how this is not ethical, nor professional. I reminded her about our school code of ethics, and about everything we learnt at school. She agreed and she felt extremely ashamed. She asked me of a nice way to return the