Ethics Paper On Bill Clinton

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Ethics Paper on Bill Clinton
January 21, 2014
Diane Hurley

Ethics Paper on Bill Clinton
On January 29, 1993 a man by the name of Bill Clinton was sworn into office in becoming our forty second president. The nation had voted this man into office knowing he had the ethical background and moral turpitude to be the leader of our nation. Unfortunately, this Man we called President Bill Clinton was going to prove us wrong. His moral and ethical compass was going to be tested during his presidency, which made a controversial debate of his ethics throughout the nation.
In the year of 1998, President Clinton was impeached for having sexual misconduct with a woman by the name of Paula Corbin. She had made allegations against President Clinton on sexual misconduct while he was in office. President Clinton paid a settlement to Ms. Corbin and the case was settled. The nation was in shock to hear of their president having inappropriate activity while in office and while married. The nation was in disbelief since this man had done so much for this country, but the scandal didn’t stop there.
Weeks Later, another woman by the name of Monica Lewinsky also accuses President Clinton of having sexual misconduct. Clinton denied the allegations under oath. Monica testified in front of a grand jury of her relationship with the president. As the investigation was looked into, it was later found that president Clinton lied under oath which lead to his impeachment. He was charged with lying under oath, obstructing justice and abusing his presidential power in an effort to conceal a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. Which, made him the second president in history to be impeached. He also lost his law license from Arkansas for five years. However, despite his sexual misconduct, many citizens still stood by the president because of his accomplishments to this Nation.
While in office President Clinton made a lot of significant changes to our country. He signed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention