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Ethics Paper

Developed Countries Have a Higher Obligation to Combat Climate Change

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Mohammad Ul Haque
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15 October 2015.

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Executive Summary
The main cause of the climatic change is due to pollution. Pollution is the main reason for this global climatic change and this adversity. Pollution is a big issue and it must be tackled by the joined effort of many nations. Pollution can be tackled by many means , the majority of the pollution comes from some of the Developed and Developing countries. Pollution is broadly classified into four types, Land pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution and Air pollution. All these pollutions contribute to the global climatic change. These are the major pollutions that cause many adversities. Climatic conditions of the world depends on various factors such as rainfall, water currents, ocean tides, monsoons and humidity. Weather experts believe that all these factors that influence the weather conditions are affected by pollution. So the weather conditions of a country is affected by its pollution. Some experts suggest that pollutions also affects the crops and forests that are essentials for maintaining the weather conditions. Due to pollution weather patterns and rainfall patterns change tremendously and this brings about failure of crops and even drought in some cases. For a healthy agriculture in a country the climatic conditions and the rainfall of that country must be stable , it should not change tremendously. Thus climatic changes caused by pollution affects the agriculture of a country and thereby indirectly affecting the people of that country. It has been estimated by a survey that the food we eat , water that we drink and the air that we breathe are polluted. There are about 20% of people are dying of pollution.
Pollution is caused by pollutants , they are the agents that cause pollution. Pollutants are released by many means, such as industries, houses, ship wreck , automobiles, burning of petroleum products and dumping of wastes in the open space. Pollutants are of different types, they can be dissolved in water, spread through air or get deposited in the soil and they all cause pollution in all of their forms. Pollutants that are released by industries are some times toxic and can affect the living things. Some of the toxic pollutants that are released by the industries are zinc, lead, nitrous, oxide of nitrous, oxides of sulphur, peroxides and radioactive wastes.

Pollution and the global climatic conditions can be tackled by only by co-operation among various country. Most of the countries have a band on releasing certain hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere , these type of band must be made a law and they must be strictly implemented. All the industries must check their emissions for any poisonous pollutants and they must filter them before releasing their gases into the atmosphere. Every country must follow the policy of REUSE,REDUCE and RECYCLE.

Table of contents

1. Introduction:
2. Types & Causes of Pollution
Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Soil pollution
Noise pollution
Radioactive pollution
Thermal/heat pollution
Light pollution

3. Effects of Pollution:
Environment Degradation:
Human Health:
Global Warming:
Ozone Layer Depletion:
Infertile Land: