Essay Ethics: Political Philosophy and John Rawls

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Executive Summary
The objective of the John Rawls of justice is to provide justice for the community and the betterment of the individual. In this report, John Rawls of Justice has been described to know the business practices depicted in the Fall of Lehman Brothers promotes justice as the first virtue of the community (Brown, 1984). In this report, it has been described how the primary social institutions like Securities Exchange and Commission promotes justice as fairness in accordance with Rawls. The maintenance of the stock market exchange and protect abuses relating with the involvement of corporate securities this shows that how the SEC promotes justice as fairness in accordance with the theory of justice.

John Rawls of Justice
According to the Rawls, theory of Justice is categorized into three divisions such as first transacts through political theory, second transacts with application of political theory & the third transacts with an investigation of better life for the person (Sergiovanni & Carver, 1980). The aim of the Rawls is to offer justice for the community and the betterment for the person and according to him better life can be accomplished in the community if citizens live in the community portray the role as good individuals. It can be seen that it is fairly possible that the analysis of moral sense, moral judgments and moral sentiments shall be equally appealing. It can be seen that philosophy of justice assist to carry to a near a quite barren period in moral justice, a period in which ethical justice was fascinated and restrained by theoretical analysis. It is observed that Rawls publication came at the moment of the occasion of normative ethics of involvement with concerns of personal conduct & public policies and it considerably advanced the stimulation. In general Rawls theory implemented by the people as justice as equality in order to find out that the outcome is constant with the social equity or not. It is very clear that if any process does not match with principles of Rawls then that process seems to be inconsistent with theory of social justice .This theory of justice can be implemented to analyze government policies that they are consistent with philosophy of social justice or not. It can be seen that Rawls presented his philosophy as a current approach to utilitarianism where he thinks that justice should be related with equity and morality fairness of individuals. The egalitarianism in theory of Rawls arrives out in different ways (Brown, 1984). Firstly, justice is attached to equality, the values which free and persons attached to advance their interest might accept in initial stages of equality as explaining the basic definitions of their relationship. Secondly, insistence on routine justice that is intended to abolish the consequences of certain contingencies which place men at chances & attract them to destroy circumstances of social & natural to their benefits. Thirdly, Rawls insists that the citizens not only enjoy the freedom but they have adequate means to create effective implementation of their freedom. According to perception of Rawls, egalitarianism does not guarantee citizens to make efficient implementation of their fundamental liberty (Cortner, 2007). It is analyzed according to John Rawls there are two principles of justice that would agree to by mutually & rational non interested individuals in the initial position of the equality, the first principle defines that each and every individual must have an equivalent right to as liberty is matched with the others right , the second principle defines that any kind of economic & social inequalities that takes place among individuals must be designed to profit each & every individual and must belong to designation that are equally accessible to all types of individuals. In simple words, the first principle of John Rawls is referred to the principle of equal liberty and second principle is referred to