Ethics Program And Information

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Ethics Program and Information

Judy J Beasley

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Professor Sandra Gates
In a business, an ethics program can refer to a process, and a set of the guidelines for living up to the company’s values of how to do the business tasks. This program is likely to offer an explanation of the values that the company holds and the steps to take if an employee has a question about whether they are being met or how to meet them in a particular situation. Therefore, in a well thought out program, attention will be given to dealing with trick cases, such as issues with a supervisor. A business ethics program is necessary for a company to comply with all on the different laws that a company is required to comply with. Ethics programs are an effective tool for a business to establish standards and procedures to ensure that their values are reflected in all things that their employees and agents think, say, and do. Another important aspect of a business ethic plan is the level of compliance will improve with a great ethics plan. Every business is required to comply with these types of laws:
“Principal and agents relations
Labor management Law
Business organization and formation
Tax Law
Real property law
Alternative dispute resolution provisions
Personal property law
Political campaign financing law
Intellectual property law
Anti money laundering law
Fair competition law
Anticorruption Law
Environment Law
Judicial procedure, especially judicial privilege
Employment Law
International Law” (No Author, No date, Business Ethics –text book, page 48)
Therefore, with a well designed and implemented business ethics program that provides the companies employees and agents with the guidance and the information they need for an effective, efficient, and responsible choices and actions. The way the ethics programs communicate to companies employees is an integral part of the program itself. Even in the manner in which owners and managers communicate the value they place in the program through the choices they make, the things they say. And what they do or fail to do will define the program. In planning a communications program, the owners and manager need to identify their employees and prioritize communication efforts among them. Even with other aspects of a business ethics program, “the communications program must reflect an accurate understanding of the relevant context and organizational culture” (Business Ethics-Textbook, Page 49). The communications program also may need to explain to employees how they might respond to any feedback, because feedback helps the company to track whether its standards and procedures are known and followed. A well designed and implemented business ethics program provides companies employees with the guidance and information they need for effective, efficient, and responsible choices and actions. A very effective ethics and communication program contains nine structural components, these components are:
1. “Standards and procedures to guide member behavior and reasonable expectations
2. Systems that provide for authority, responsibility, accountability, and sustainability
3. Communication
4. Monitor and audit member conduct
5. Encourage employees to seek advice and report problems
6. Due Diligence in hiring
7. Encourage employees to follow procedures
8. Respond when standards and procedures are violated
9. Regular evaluations of the program for the effectiveness are very important (Business Ethics- Textbook, page 53).
My Ethic Program Many companies have found that it to be easier to develop their business ethics program by using pre written templates or manuals for a similar company. “A business code of ethics needs to provide reference to, and guidance on, a business standing on any or all of the following topics:
“Purpose, legalities, Management and staff responsibilities, Violation reporting polices, conflict of interest information, rules governing gifts and