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Ethics and smart thinking

Obstacle 2: Your class learns that there are children in Kenya who would like to communicate with children in Canada and need ideas for how to get this going.

The people who will be leading the school project will be parents who will volunteer, the school administration and teachers to help keep this going. Students will also have a big role since they are to promote the project and raise money. The school can also invite some popular people or athletes to promote the project and to increase the amount of money to be collected.

The community will consist of parents, students and teachers with administration.
We will start doing fundraisers so that we can give the kids in Kenya cell phone to communicate with the kids who live in Canada. In order to raise some money, the school will host bake sales two times a week. The school will also have free dress down days once a week. We will also have a fundraiser for parents to donate and host an event at the school for the reason why every dollar counts. All the money that will be raised will go to buying cell phones and to buy prepaid phone call minutes to call the kids in Kenya.

The school project will start in the beginning of October and we will end it near the end of school. We will be sending the cell phones that we bought during the beginning of Christmas break. During those weeks of the break, the shipment takes time so 2-3 weeks will be enough to ship it to Kenya. The reason why the school administration is part of the project is because they will be counting in all the money and finding out the prices of the shipping, cell phones and the prepaid minute cards to contact the kids in Kenya. The money we get starting from October will be used to buy