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FindME Inc is a social network that connects Single-parents with products and services and vendors at a discounted rate. It provides a services and products that parents use everyday and products that cater to making life easier for single parents. It allows for one-stop shopping all the while giving special monetary benefit to single parents. Vendors bid for jobs instead of the parent trying to negotiate and hunt for prices that are affordable for them. The site has created a daily internet traffic and social media buzz and can be benchmarked to other sites such as Facebook, Amazon, Google. FindME Inc has begin to pick even more traffic which creates an avenue to define the code of conduct for our site and our employees, vendors and business overall. This is defined by code of ethics is a “set of principles of conduct within an organization that guide decision making and behavior. The purpose of the code is to provide members and other interested persons with guidelines for making ethical choices in the conduct of their work. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of many employees' credibility. Member of an organization adopt a code of ethics to share a dedication to ethical behavior and adopt this code to declare the organization’s principles and standards of practice.”
Critique the codes of conduct of at least three (3) similar companies in order to write codes for your company.
Code of conduct is important to define because it gives a clear cut definition of what is appropriate ethical behavior within our organization. FindME Inc. referenced three companies in order to help form a clear code of conduct that involves all aspects of business. Facebook Inc., PG&E, Amazon these three companies all tie into what FindME inc consist of within one business aspect, products, services and websites all have imprortant views and with all the companies being equally successful within their own right this was best way to narrow and define FindME Inc code of conduct.

Critique the codes of conduct of at least three (3) similar companies in order to write codes for your company.1
Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. Connecting over 1 billion users in September 14, 2012. it has come to include some ethical changes since the company went public. “He and his team periodically revamp Facebook’s privacy policy, triggering a predictable chain reaction: consumer outrage, company walkback, adjusted policy, re-release, lessened outrage, and so forth until the furor dies down. Unlike with computer algorithms that temporarily crash the system, however, these iterations are apt to leave lasting damage to Facebook’s reputation.Then there’s the initial public offering, perhaps Facebook’s biggest face plant. The company set out to maximize its offering price and succeeded, raising $16 billion when it went public last May. Then it watched the stock sink from $38 a share all the way to less than $20, slicing its market value in half. The foundering stock price has hardened doubts about the strength of its business model, and may make it difficult for Facebook to retain talent.” Facebook’s Ethics and Code of Conduct :

If any part of this code conflicts with local laws or regulations, only the sections of this code permitted by applicable laws and regulations will apply. Any policies that are specifically applicable to your jurisdiction will take precedence to the extent they conflict with this code.
Conflicts of Interest
Facebook Personnel are expected to use their judgment to act, at all times and in all ways, in the best interests of Facebook. As such, Facebook personnel should attempt to avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest exists when your personal interests interfere with the best interests of Facebook. For example, a conflict of interest may occur when you or a family member receive a personal benefit as a result your position with…