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Ethics & Leadership LEJ: 200 1. I would provide the alibi for my former neighbor for a few reasons. For one my daughter never told me outright that he was the one who raped her If I withheld that information about is where about and my daughter eventually told me the person who raped her was not my neighbor I would have to live the rest of my live knowing that my knowledge might have sent and innocent man to prison. Secondly I am not the judge, jury, and prosecutor. I have no actual facts, no evidence, and no proof I just have my gut that is telling me that he is the person who raped my daughter. So I must do what is right and provide the police with the alibi for my former neighbor. And hope that when my daughter decides to come forth with who really raped her, the real rapist will be placed in jail. a. My decisions fall in line with Act-based Deontological Ethics which focuses on what is right and wrong

2. Deontological Ethics makes the most sense to me because mainly there are the right things we can do or the wrongs things we live is society that is rule based where there are things that we can and cannot do even if they are or are not moral. Because every one must do what is right and not what is wrong ( act-based deontological ethics) and the Kantian Theory that correct actions are based upon duty ( What one must do)

3. There is no way that the officer is morally responsible for the actions of the driver who killed the other people. Because it was the choice of the speeder to speed again even after he recived…