Ethics: Race and United States Essay

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I have always been an open minded kind of person. The way I see it we all bleed the same color there for we all should be treated the same. However I did also learn a lot about different groups of people and what their ancestries went through years ago. Like people getting killed, beaten, and ridiculed due to their religious beliefs. I found this to be very upsetting to here. I personally have chosen not to treat people differently no matter the color of their skin, gender, religious beliefs, disabilities, or anything else that might be different than me. I have always tried to make sure I knew and understood different kinds of people I come across within my life. If I did not understand or know about something I want not afraid to ask someone about it so I could get a better understanding.
I cannot say that I have learned something new about my own personal racial, ethnic, or cultural history. Always since I can remember my parents have made sure that we knew and fully understood where we came from. Even more on be because I was the only daughter they had. My parents wanted to make sure that I was a strong person and wanted to make sure that I would not get walked on later on in life. Being the main obstacle in my life being that I am a female. With teaching me about our family history and what I might have to overcome being a female when I got older. I believe with them doing this it has made me a stronger person. That is why I did not really learn anything new about my personal racial, ethnic, or cultural history because it was something I already knew about. I believe that in 2050 the United States would be an even more of a melting pot than it already is. So far over time the diversity of the United Stated have grown to what we know that it is today. With the more time that passes I honestly believe that the diversity will only grow to larger numbers. The United States is a place where everyone comes to seek freedom for the area of the world that they came from. With the mixture of different ethnical group that live in the United States more and more people are going to intermix the different racial and ethical groups more than they are already are. This will make it more of a mixed race and ethical group that we will be living among. This making the United States more of a mixing pot than it already is today. This making the country more multi-cultural in 2050 than it is today. One challenge that the United States face due to the diversity of its people is the language barrier. The main language of the United States is English and the secondary would be Spanish. With the mass amount of different languages that is spoke in in the U.S.A sometime there can be a barrier what it comes to understand people. It is just within the past few years that Spanish became the second language of the United States. Due to this factor people who do not read or speak the native language here might have a problem understanding the laws here and might find it hard to find a job due to the lack of being able to understand what is going on. This can cause a big problem due to causing the economy to drop due to people being on government aid suck as food stamps, Medicaid, and housing assistance.
The benefits of such a diverse society are the different ethical groups we are exposed to on an everyday bases. With the different race groups we are exposed to different cultures and foods from around the world. This brightens up the United States with color of new and old tradition’s that other people bring for the native country that they come from. It also helps us understand people from other areas in the world better. We learn about other counties in school when we are growing up but it is different when you learn from the people themselves. For an example we learn about the culture and people who live in Russia. However to be able to eat the food’s from there and to see how it is made along with talking and interacting with