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2. Should producers of software-based services, such as ATMs, be held liable for economic injuries suffered when their systems fail? Provide specific examples of real-world situations that have happened, names of companies, etc. Is it the same for automobile defects/catastrophes?
One example of fraud is when an unattended, self-serve bank ATM machine is compromised using a card skimmer to steal debit card account and PIN numbers. In this case, the bank should be held responsible for any economic losses suffered by its customers as it was negligent in not protecting physical access to its machine and allowing criminals to place the device on the ATM. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek
“hacked” a car’s computer controls “to send
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In our country. what is the 'safe harbor policy & enforcement mechanism that meets the objectives of U.S. govt. regulators & legislation but does not involve govt. regulation or enforcement? Specific examples, please!


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The European Directive on Data Protection requires companies to inform people when they collect information about them and to disclose how it will be stored and used. Customers must provide consent before any company can legally use data about them. To work with Europeans privacy laws, the U.S.
Department of Commerce developed the “safe harbor” concept for American companies. A “safe harbor” is a private, self-regulating policy and enforcement mechanism that meets the objectives of government regulators and legislation but does not involve government regulation or enforcement. This is accomplished by a certification process undertaken by public accounting firms to show that a US company can be a "safe harbor" for personal data on Europeans, and this certification is recognized, but not enforced, by the US government. For example, Kellogg’s companies post their “Safe Harbor Privacy
Policy for Consumer Data” on the website thereby allowing them to request and collect consumer information on their web sites.