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Vanessa Robateau
Midterm paper
The topic of this paper will be on the beliefs that have been defined by the philosopher Epictetus. There were fifty three points on how the good life can be achieved by adjusting a person’s yearnings to fit the world liking. The happiness that consequences from the good life are also thought to be not just any desire but some kind of happiness that is worthwhile. From reading Epictetus beliefs I think he would agree with that statement. The topics that were presented I mostly agree with because he came up with ethical claims but, some of Epictetus beliefs were harsh. I went through his beliefs and picked out three that stood out the most to me. From these three beliefs I will explain my thoughts upon what he has stated and give further elaboration on his thoughts through examples and personal views. “Ask not that events should happen as you will, but let your will be that events should happens as they do, and you shall have peace” this is Epictetus eight statement in the manual theory of a good life. I feel as if Epictetus means by this theory is, a person needs to let things fall into place as God plans. Don’t try to force plans, this way you will have a happier life. For example, I changed my major from physical therapy and wasn’t too fond of it. So I let my life sort itself out and it lead me to another path which is in the field of psychology. Now I feel as if I let my life fall into a better place. With this belief Epictetus makes the point that over all peace should be something a person possesses.
The twentieth statement in the manual theory that Epictetus came up with states, “Remember that foul words or blows in themselves are no outrage, but your judgment that they are so. So when anyone makes you angry, know that it is your own thought that has angered you…, you will find it easier to control yourself”. To summarize this theory he basically means that words are just words; no one can anger you but yourself. And take time to become sane before your react to a situation. For example, in the real world if your anger gets out of hand being calm is the best way to address the problem which is the ethical and responsible way. I believe having a happier life you will be more peaceful with yourself and others. Reevaluating a situation can have a better outcome, rather than acting on angered emotions. This is Epictetus fortieth good life statement says, “Women from fourteen years upward are called "madam" by men. Wherefore, when they see that the only advantage they have got is to be marriageable, they begin to make themselves smart and to set all their hopes on this. …honoured for nothing but a modest and decorous life”. With this theory he is basically stating that women aren’t good for most things. They are only good for certain things such as being a shy, discreet, and respectable. Also he states that they are only capable of being married. With that being said women are still portrayed this way. For example, in social media women are exposed to be seen in certain ways such as sexual beings. For belief eight, I think that a revival of Stoicism in our century would be beneficial for our society. This can benefit our society in numerous ways. Many people try to force things to go right, and then realize that they should have let time take over. If people would not tamper with events most people’s lives would be considered the good life. I believe American’s people try to changes things so much they mess up the blessing they were about to receive. So therefore, Epictetus’s theory will better people’s lives. Epictetus has provided us with way to be happy without acceding to our